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Some PDFs of key heritage publications that I have been involved with are here:

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Heritage Leaflets

Experience includes a very wide range of leaflets and publications, some designed and produced entirely by me, many others where I, from the start, was the supervisor of others for the whole process.

Heritage Talks

I started my working career as a teacher and have been talking to groups ever since. I have an enthusiastic style of presentation with an attention to detail. I can offer a very wide range of talks.

Heritage Activities

By far the best way for us to understand our past is through some kind of activity - walks, have-a-go, handling sessions, stories, riddles, role play or costume work are just some of the methods I have used.

 Services include:

Heritage Lottery

Experience includes:

1999:  £350,000 towards new Museum building, raised another £100,000 specifically for museum display.

2007:  £50,000 for Discover Your past project.

2013:  £100,000 Bury Magna Carta 800 events.

Heritage Management

In addition to the Heritage Lottery projects listed my management experience includes:

1985-2006:  Manager of West Stow Country park and Anglo-Saxon Village.

2006-2013:  Heritage Manager for West Stow and Moyse’s Hall Museum.

2014-2015:  Project Manager for Bury St. Edmunds Magna Carta 800.

Heritage Social Media

Experience includes:

2006-2013:  Starting and maintaining the Facebook and Twitter pages for both West Stow and Moyse’s Hall.

2014-2015:  Starting and maintaining the Bury St. Edmunds Magna Carta 800 Facebook and Twitter pages.

2015 to date: Starting and maintaining the Bury St Edmunds Society Facebook and Twitter pages.

Heritage Events

Experience includes:

1985:  Started costume events at West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, continued with a range of others.

2007:  High quality temporary exhibitions and preview events started at Moyse’s Hall Museum.

2014:  Magna Carta Light and sound Trail through Bury St Edmunds on 6 evenings.